The Fall Of Magic

Pandavkada,a different level energy waterfall which is also one of the jewel of Navimumbai. Pandavkada is a waterfall which can be seen from far but to reach the spot you need to do a small trek,a trek with not much altitude but path made by travel enthusiasts just like us !

Pandavkada is the best option for oneday picnic as you can pack some snacks to enjoy with such an incredible view around you .It can also be a exploring place for wanderers because it has a lot of places which is not know yet by majority !


Celebrating monsoon at this waterfall is something which you want to taste someday and then keep visiting everytime. The greenary sourrounding this place is enough to break your mundane stress and give you enough relief to have a positive outlook.It was one of the ‘hidden gem’ on navimumbai but due to it’s heavy attractiveness, people are attracted towards this magnet(the waterfall)  .Also who wouldn’t visit a place which is called a dangerous place too !

adrenaline feelings yet?


Nearest railway station is ‘Kharghar railway station’ which is  7km(~30mins) away .You can opt for auto from the station .You can also take your lovely car to the nearest point and park beside the Gurudwara (beside the entrance of the pandavkada).If you stay nearby,cycling is also a option as area is easily covered by cycle but i recommend you to take a walk and let your feet feel happy !



This waterfall is attractive but with some extra properties ,comes a fatal part too.The waterfall has many slippery rocks and even some points where people fall off- causing several deaths and accidents in past few years. It is a banned site(by CIDCO) and mostly guarded by policemens.


The waterfall is dangerous but with utmost pracautions one can stay safe.Try going with a steady & slow speed while trekking and climbing the rocks so that you don’t injure yourself. When you reach the final point,don’t be in a hurry to swim  but takecare of your footsteps as this is the point where many acidents happen.One cannot control their emotions when such a view is in front,so precautions and safety measures needs to be taken .Also avoid taking ‘selfies’ around the rock corners !


Having an ancient & historical view, it becomes more interesting visiting this .There is Buddhist cave at top which has a specific route (quiet risky in heavy rainfall) from where one can get breathtaking view of the outskirts of kharghar city with greenery beneath your feet .

also, if lucky you can see a beautiful rainbow .

Watch out for crabs as they can sometime knock you out (if big).The silence here is the thing which you will love the most if you visited in perfect time. Also a fish pedicure is waiting for you down there !


There is no perfect time for the things you love but sometimes we need to make one,to get most out of it.

No doubt,july-sept is the best time to visit.The main thing here is to try visiting it early in morning as soon as possible as the crowd increases after 10am and also policemen will take you out from the place when place seem to be crowded.

An alarming rate of visitors visit this waterfall  during monsoon  and get injured. Try to take necessary precautions and have a chillfull trek !


so have you done packing?



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