South of maharashtra

My recent visit to south of maharashtra gave me a suitcase of memories which i have with me . Sun kissed beaches, swaying palm trees and thatched roofs add up to make an awesome landscape. Dash of history and spicy seafoods builds up the glory.

South of maharashtra also called kokan side is famous for its beaches and forts. As we are talking about kokan ,fish food is something no one want to miss. everyone must try a coconut drink .This side of maharashtra is far different from the part where i stay.  Kokan, name itself gives us feeling of beach and calm side of nature.

arabian sea

away from chaotic life in mumbai to konkan we started our journey. . We reached mangaon ,which can be called as base point to visit many famous places around. South maharashtra is all away from busy rushes, man crowd , chaos .It has a calming,soothing and quite atmosphere. All you can hear will be rushes of waves (if you on beach side). people of konkan called konkani  are very helpful in guiding .The 60 km drive from Mangaon to Harihareshwar took around 2 hours . The 30 km diversion from Mhasala to Harihareshwar was not up to the mark. As you go deep inside the konkan , the roads get comparitively good and scenic beauty one can see outside is so beautiful that you may get fainted !! hahaha,kidding. but the beauty of konkan can give a challenge to gigantic kashmir . i reached harihareshwar junction at 2 pm . i was confused a lot as from this junction where to go . confusion was all about which place to go. on our right we had shrivardhan and to left we had harihareshwar and to be honest both are excellent places. after taking local people’s help we headed towards shrivardhan and had lunch in famous ‘PRASAD’ hotel. this hotel provide quality food to their guest’s adn also rate are reasonable. the time was 4.00 pm and we started to move towards the ‘shrivardhan beach’

Snapchat-2619290959680403209                                           scenic beauty of shrivardhan beach

It was hot there but huge trees provided us some sheltere and also we enjoyed horse riding . visitors can enjoy a horse riding, jet ride and also boat rides. every visitor should use the golden skills of ‘BARGAINING’ . we moved on to peshwa memorial which is just few minutes far from the beach. we were done with this by 630 and it was getting dark and also we were tired very much due to a long car journey. so we decided to rest in harihareshwar  by crossing the same junction once again . As we entered harihareshwar , we saw everything was getting darker and cold . with help of locals out there we came to know about best lodging which was exactly in front of harihareshwar beach. the best beach you can say but also the most dangerous beach . we had our lodging at 7:20pm and decided to go on beach for some time as crowd was still  there . the hotel was big with reasonable rate and big rooms. we all had rest that night.

”  Morning ” said some voice outside our cottage. it was 4 in the morning . yes, we have to go to the temple and also play on lovely beaches. we all were ready by 5:25 am and visite temple . after taking blessings from lord ganpati we decided a trek . this trek was as small as about a half hour . the below picture will tell you the amount of happiness we had .

can you believe ?



we did fun on the beach . something which surprised me that there were some fishes lying on the sand. you know what? they died. i dont know the reason and went to ask on the locals . the fishes were lying beacuse of the seagulls who eat them and probably this fish was a incomplete breakfast for them.

breakfast for seagulls

the shopping strolls in harihareshwar is good . we dont even have to bargain as price for each product is perfect. some must buy things for visitors are as follows :

  1. coastal photoframe ( starts from 300 rs )
  2. coastal lockets and chains ( minimum price 100rs- maximum 550 rs)
  3. lord ganesha statue made from shells ( these are not cheap and their rates vary


we did the checkout from the lodge boss at 11:30am .our car’s engine roared and we headed to diveagar beach. on the way to the ghat we were stoppe by nature to see the end of the arabian sea .the end point can only be visualized .


wow right?



The splendid  places and history over here can make anyone love this place.

Now its time for you to visit the southern maharashtra. so have you done with your packing stuffs?

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  1. This is an exquisite dream, my wife to be… Michelle, was born at Maharashtra..
    I look forward to visiting this place a lot! – Cezane

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